New Safety Equipment and Insurance Regulations for Nail Salons

New Regulations

Equipment Requirements

As of June 15, 2015, you must maintain the following equipment at each workstation and provide it to workers, upon request, and at no cost:

1) A Mask - Respirator type N95 or N100 approved by OSHA for each technician who uses a workstation. All workers must be allowed to use these respirators when buffing or filing nails or when using acrylic powder.

2) Gloves - Protective gloves made of nitrite or similar material for workers sensitive to nitrite. You must have a sufficient number of gloves available so that each nail technician has access to use a new pair of gloves for each customer. All workers must wear gloves when handling hazardous chemicals or waste, and during cleanup, or when performing any nail service that can cause cutting to the customer's skin.

3) Eye Protection - ALL workers must wear eye protection when preparing, transferring or pouring hazardous chemicals.

A list of potentially hazardous chemicals commonly found in nail salons can be accessed here

Bond and Liability Insurance

1) New regulations include increased fines and penalties for Salon Owners who fail to comply with new WAGE BOND requirements. See application for bond on our website

Wages legally due to employees who provide nail specialty services of: 

a) At least $25,000 if you employ 2-5 individuals who perform nail services. 
b) At least $40,000 if you employ 6-10 individuals who perform nail services.
c) At least $75,000 if you employ 11-25 individuals who perform nail services.
d) At least $125,000 if you employ 26+ individuals who perform nail services.

2) You must maintain LIABILITY INSURANCE in the following amounts: 

a) Accident and Professional Liability insurance of at least $25,000 per individual occurrence and $75,000 aggregated.

The Liability coverage may be obtained by purchasing either: 

1) Surety bond.
2) Accidental and professional liability or general liability insurance.
3) A combination of the previous options.

Posting Requirements

You will be required to post a “Bill of Rights” in a place where it is easily seen by workers and by customers. When available the sign will be sent to you.

Ventilation Requirements

New requirements are being developed to make sure that salons and work stations are properly ventilated. You will be notified soon about these requirements.

Notices of Violation

If you are served with a Notice of Violation pertaining to UNLICENSED activity you must immediately post a copy in the front window or on the front door or on the outside wall of the premises. It can only be removed when authorized by the Department of State.


Wage Payment Surety Bond